My Jam Music Network and GTV launch landing page with over 1000 hours of Fun & Entertainment

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January 21, 2019
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My Jam Music Network and GTV launch landing page with over 1000 hours of Fun & Entertainment

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My Jam Music Network, a cutting edge 24/7 television music network for worldwide indie artists seen globally and Ghost Television Network (GTV) launch its brand new landing page with over 1000 hours of entertainment My Jam...

NEW YORK – 19th March, 2019 – My Jam Music Network and GTV are proud to announce the addition of its own landing page to showcase platform with over 1000 hours of entertainment. How would you like watch a network that offers music videos, movies, home shopping, sports channels, along with educational programs.

My Jam Music Network is a cutting edge, 24/7 television music network that airs in over 190 countries. My Jam Music Network is a revolutionary music entertainment channel created by independent musicians, for independent musicians and their fans. My Jam Music Network announces a joint venture with Ghost Beverages and Vokal Media Inc in forming a multimedia entertainment platform under the banner of GTV. They have joined forces with GTV and put together a multi media streaming powerhouse platform that is FREE for the artist to get the exposure and resources they need to get music out to the masses, gain fans and to go farther faster. They are proud to showcase the addition of their landing page which will highlight all the shows and networks affiliated that will bring you over 1000 hours of top notch entertainment and fun. All content is built by and run by VOKAL Media Inc and brought to you by Ghost Sport Water.

Content available for hours of entertainment:

  • My Jam Music Network Music videos
  • Big Bank Beats KR38R by Digitrax Entertaiment
  • Kareoke Cloud by Digitrax Entertainment
  • Breaking Hits
  • Make Music Count
  • My Golf “Make your shot”
  • Ghost Foods with Friends
  • Softball Queens

This platform of entertainment is the new cutting edge that will allow you to hold at the palm of your hands on your communication device (Cell Phone or tablet) in the new wave of Television and Music for any style and age group. My Jam Music Network as the music component is going to help the unknown to be world known said Ryan Carter of GTV.

“Building a multimedia network and becoming affiliated with all these programs provides a unique way for artists and bands to be linked to millions of fans worldwide. Further our goal is for all participating indie artists be able to sell their music on this platform and keep all the revenue,” added writer, producer and founder of My Jam Music Network, David S Zucker.

About My Jam Music Network:
My Jam Music Network is revolutionizing the music industry using multiple worldwide networks as a platform and 24-hour music channel created by musicians, for musicians and their fans. They have put together a system that is FREE for everyone to give the artist the exposure and resources they need to get the music out to the masses, gain fans and to go farther faster. Country, Rock, Metal, Alternative, Rap, Punk, Jazz, Rock Blues, or whatever genre, the music video will receive a fresh face and renewed vigor venturing away from the saturated and fragmented web video corner. My Jam Music Network ignites thought as to what is possible and establish an “open call” and viable venue for talented professionals to submit their work, be fairly chosen, be seen, and most importantly, overcome the looming obstacle associated with this profession, not having the right connections. They have created My Jam Music Network as a venue for artists to get their work out to the World and in front of the right people. They reach millions of viewers in 193 countries, providing a worldwide audience for artists in all music genres and can be found on the following streaming platforms and apps.

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